2013 Conference Presentations

Jamie LaRue - Keynote
Video: http://youtu.be/rP_JzRf9Fmw
Mindmap: Change that Matters
Presentation Slides: Change that Matters


Nancy Reckard, Electronic Privacy, Does It Exist?
Lisa Maestas, ELF Reading and Reference
Susannah Connor & Kara Mills, A Health Literacy Initiative in Your Library.pptx
Diana Almader-Douglas, If It's Not Broken, Why Fix It?
Cherise Mead, Social Media Dashboards
Cheryl Cuillier, Cindy Elliott, Using Consensus to Make Big Hairy Decisions

Children & Young Adults (CYA):
Cathy Hufalt, Death Clouds on Mt Baldy.pdf
Handout - Death Clouds on Mt. Baldy Brochure.pdf
Ivy Broiles, Emily Keller, Jacob Kendall, Jennifer Kendall & James Kennedy, Reach for the Skype: Using Technology to Connect Young Readers and Authors
Handout 1 - Top Ten Tips for a Successful Skype
Handout 2 - Plan an Author Skype
Cheryl Becker, Becca Britt & Mary Sagar, Read to Succeed! A Library Tutoring Program for At-Risk First Graders
Elizabeth Matson & Christy Valentine, Too Old for Storytime, Too Young for Teen Scene: Gathering Place for In-Betweens,
Air Pressure, Bookmark PUB File
Terri Clark & Mary Wennersten, When Arizona Reads, Arizona Thrives
Jodie Donner, Demetria Graham, Patricia Jimenez, (When Your Book Displays Aren't Pulling in the Crowds), Bookmark Handout

Information Literacy & Teaching (ILT):
Niamh Wallace & Jeanne Pfander, Best Practices for the Guide on the Side Tutorial Creation Software
Handout - Best Practices for the Guide on the Side Tutorial Creation Software Handout
John Walsh, The Effects of Targeted, Connectivism-Based ILT on Latino Students
Megan McGuire & Serene Rock, eLectrify, eNgage, eXcite, with Online Collaboration
Brenda Brown, Carol Damaso, Holly Henley, Cindy Kolaczynski, The Embedded Librarian, One Model of Librarianship
Mary Mohr, The Embedded Librarian, One Model of Librarianship
Alexandra Humphreys & Virginia Pannabecker, Opening Minds to Open Access: Best Practices at Arizona State University Libraries
Kirstin Thomas, Rethinking LibGuides: Maximizing the Homepage Based on Page View Statistics

Library Outreach, Marketing & Advocacy (LOMA):
Michael Beck, Matt Schirano & Christine Tuttle, Creating an Advocacy Plan for Your Library
Elizabeth G. Dunham, Help Me HelpYou, Libraries, Archives, and Partnership in the Digital Age - Arizona Archives Online
Carissa Tsosie, Help Me HelpYou, Libraries, Archives, and Partnership in the Digital Age - AzAA Outreach
Erin MacFarlane, Taking It to the Streets: Bringing the Library to the Community
Jenn Berry, Jennifer Caldwell, Cat Strong & James Walter, Thinking in ERROR: Making Electronic Resources Cool Again

Leadership & Staff Development (LSD):
Kendra Davey & Beth Matthias-Loghry, 100% Success! A Practical Approach to Leading from The Middle
Andrew See & Travis Teetor, 21st Century eTraining: Course Based Onine Instruction for Library Employees
Chris Guerra & Laura Stone, Decision Making in an eWorld
Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records, Idea Circus - Ring 1
Idea Circus - Ring 2
Idea Circus - Ring 3
Handout - Idea Circus Handout

Kevin Pardon, Finding Consumer Health Information.pdf
Nick Faulk, If There's No Library Why Do We Need a Librarian.pdf
Lindsay O'Neill, Removing the Mystery: Promoting Your Unique Collection with Twitter.pdf
AzLA Professional Development Committee, Survey Says - Professional Development Needs.pdf
April Aguinaga, Rebecca Birr & Kathryn Nakagawa, Thinking Green While Promoting Health Literacy.pdf

Technology & Tech Services (TTS):
Vincent A. Alascia, 6 Essential Apps for Connected Librarians
Dan Messer, Sarah Prosory, Robin Salthouse & Conrad Storad, Google+ Hangout: Communication Through Low Cost Video Conferencing
Lora Hanson, Hermon Mak, Ed McKennon, Amanda Pozniak, Allison Ringness & Nicole Sandberg, Make Mine Mobile: Developing a Mobile Library Website from Scratch
Arta Kabashi, Tech Tools and Apps for the Reference Desk

User Services (US):
Allison Ringness & Nicole Sandberg, Can I Help You Now? How About Now? Providing Roaming Reference without Becoming a Stalker Librarian
Dan Stanton, e-Government and Libraries
Heather Lausten, Dana Shreve, Dave Wildermuth, eXcellence in eReference
George Apodaca, Chris Curley, Amy Erives, Lana Tupponce & Lizeth Zepeda, The Knowledge River Experience: Reflections from eStudents in an eSociety
Ginger Bidwell, Rebecca Blakiston, & Rachel Ann Hawes, Simple User Research Methods.pdf
Tony Apodaca, Janet Fisher & Barbara Howe, Yes, You Can Help People with Legal Questions!
Handout - Yes, You Can Help People with Legal Questions!

Using Consensus to Make Big Hairy Decisions