*Future conference planning - investigate sponsor support in October/November of preceding year (this is when many companies plan following year budgets)

December 1-15 - Contact potential sponsors about conference support

December 20, 2013 – Announce upcoming dates for proposals acceptance

January (TBD) – Board meeting and Conference Planning kick-off
-- Brainstorming
-- Major schedule format
-- Major events
-- Meetings/Other required activities - how many, etc.
-- Registration fees
-- Keynote / speaker ideas / Author ideas
-- Overview of timeline and components of conference, and overview of draft budget

January 1 - February 15
– Develop a communication plan for distribution of call for proposals
-- Prepare Conference website
-- Prepare Exhibitor and Sponsor information and sign up forms
-- Prepare Submission Forms for Program/Preconference, Poster/Blitz (& possible creative works event)
-- Contact desired keynote speaker for availability and interest

February 20 - March/April Newsletter Announcement for programs/preconference proposals open and Grand Canyon Reader Author Awards Nominations (Due April 1)

February 19 - Online planning meeting. 10 am
-- Review Submission form and conference site for edits

February 21 - Online Proposal Form goes live. Send announcement through AzLA List

February 21 – Conference Program Committee Meeting (10am - 30 minute virtual - solicit programs)

March 17 – Send Reminder for Program & Preconference Submissions to AzLA list (Due April 27)

March 21 – Conference Leadership Committee Update Meeting (10am - 30 minute virtual)

April 20 – May/June Newsletter Announcement: Reminder call for Posters & Roundtable Submissions (Due May 15)

April 24 - 10am-2pm AzLA Board Meeting - At least one conference planner needs to attend if possible

April 25 - Conference Program Committee Meeting (10am - 30 minute virtual) - process for evaluating and voting on programs for the conference, begin prep of survey for program voting

April 28 - Deadline for Program & Preconference Proposals

May 5 - Send a message to committees about reviewing programs and message to membership with surveys for program voting

May 22 - Conference Committee Meeting for selection of programs & check-in
-In-Person (with Go To Meeting or Skype option)
-Location TBD

May 26 – Deadline for Poster and Roundtable Proposal

Jun 6 - Conference Program Committee Meeting to provide feedback on draft program schedule (10am - 11:00am virtual)

June 18 - Deadline to announce acceptance/nonacceptance of programs, preconferences, roundtables, posters and blitz sessions

June 20 - July/August Newsletter Announcement: Service Award Nominations (TBD)

July TBD – Conference Leadership Committee Meeting (10am-11am virtual check in)
-- Finalize event plans - how many, approximate number of participants (in order to plan food orders - BEOs)

August 1 - August 25
-- Draft BEOs and send them to conference site contact for discussion/questions/thoughts
-- Prepare online conference registration form

August 8 - AzLA Board Meeting at Carnegie

August TBD – Conference Logistics Committee Meeting (10am-11am virtual check in)

August 15 - Begin gathering information for the Online Program Book

August 20 - September/October Newsletter Announcement: Conference Details and Online Registration Opens
-- Finalize event food choices for Registration form

August 23 - Speaker Contracts -
-- Bio's, photo's, title & desc. & speaker contract
-- sent out by this date

August 23 - Awards for Author; Bio's, photo's, & desc.
-- Scholarship awards- Bio's, photo's

August 26 – Online Registration begins

September 19 - Conference Logistics Committee Meeting (10am-11am virtual)

September 1 - Deadline for program book info

September 9 - Deadline for exhibitors to be in program book
-Updates through 16th+ leeway according to conference program book coordinators

September 16 - Program book info to designers

September 30 - Speaker Bios and other information needed to Hospitality for speaker liaison packets

October 2* (or may change date) – All Committee Meeting (10am - 2pm in person) location:
Radisson Fort McDowell Resort and Conference Center
10438 North Fort McDowell Road, Scottsdale/Fountain Hills, AZ 85264
October 7 - Proof program book for final edits

October 15 - Program Book Online

October 20 - November/December Newsletter Announcement: Important Conference Details

October 27 - Reminder to AzLA membership of deadline for Online Registration

October 27 - Online Registration closes

November 7 – Conference Logistics Committee Meeting (10am-11am 30 minute virtual)

November 7 - Final numbers of event food & drink BEOs to conference contact
- From here we can still go up in food event orders, but can't go down

November 12-14 – Conference held